Since the first post, many creative people have come across our way, which is a really nice part of life. To see passion in people’s eyes.

A couple months back, we had a problem finishing our 1st skirt. We searched for help and found out, that friend of our friend’s is a dressmaker. And, so it was . . . We met Basia (🌸Pinkflower).

When Basia was giving me some sewing tips, I spotted two very nice floral sweatshirts made by her. I hoped my niece Julia (who stays with us) will jump into ‘these two’, so I could take a few of pictures.

If you’re doing something creative, and you want to go forward, you need to go out out of your house and meet people with different passions. They’re going to give you not only tips or inspirations, but also something more – a power to keep going forward. . .