✔ Mission_Giorgio. ✈ Completed

As I revealed in the last post, together with Bianka, we went on our eco-mission to my family home ✈ in Poland. Seeing that Magda will not get holiday at that time, we had to go on our own, just the two of us. When we arrived, it was already late and Bianka fell asleep in the blink of an eye…

The mission has begun and thus I started to ferret around the house for some jeans to remake, I found a few of favourites- 3 pairs of Levi’s jeans. I was very happy with my findings. I already knew how to downsize a pair of jeans, or (easier) how to slim down the legs. Suddenly, all at once I heard a voice which was coming from the basement…

I always trust this voice, so I went downstairs to the basement. It didn’t take long till I discovered two pairs of jeans distinguished from the rest by its colour and quality of the fabric.

The choice was simple. I decided to bring Giorgio back to life !

Both trousers were far too wide, and far from my style. What I had to do, was to slim the legs down.

It’s all said and done. It’s real and it’s been fun!

Mission was accomplished.