Levi’s _ recycled

Recently, as I mentioned in the last post, we’ve had guests – our MUMS. My Mum and Magda’s Mum.

On this visit I learnt how to downsize a pair of jeans … Believe me, it’s changed my life.

Firstly, I fished my old Levi’s bell bottom jeans up from my wardrobe, in order to downsize and slim the legs.

In order to slim the legs you need to stitch them together, considering the width which suits you best.

It inspired me to downsize all trousers which I don’t use anymore. Therefore, together with my Mum we downsized 3 more pairs.

Because, I knew my family house is full of trousers to recycle. Therefore, together with Bianka, we booked our flights to Poland, to begin our eco-mission and find out what’s left on the bottom of my ‘teenager wardrobe’. I mean more trousers to reconstruct. What I found surprised me a lot!

A teaser of the upcoming post below.

Armani Jeans Recycle (next post)