Blogger Award

“…super interesting, super clever, super crafty and super creative blog(…) I always look forward to your new blog posts!”

This is our 2nd blogger award. Thanks for your nomination It’s nice to be noticed and appreciated by you.

Here we are with our answers for your questions :

  1. When did you start on your creative journey and were you inspired by anyone? Both: It’s all started from our own wedding accessories – veil and bow tie
  2. If you had time to learn a new language, what language would you choose to learn? Pi_otr : Spanish Magda: Italian or French
  3. What is your favorite product or item that you use in your creative process? Tweeds and Tartans
  4. If time travel was safe and possible, what point in history might you like to visit and why then? Magda: Go back to 1920’s. A time of cabaret, burlesque, beautiful dresses and all that jazz.        Pi_otr:  Ancient Greece. Maybe I could be one of the heros:)
  5. What new creative skill would you like to learn to add to what you already know? Magda: Pattern making      Pi_otr: Embroidery
  6. If you could visit any city or place in the world to help inspire you to new creative heights, what city or place might that be and why? We would like to go Peru, visit Machu Picchu. Inca clothes are very colourful and amazing, very inspirational.
  7. Do you have a favorite animal that you like or that inspires you? Both: Elephants. The biggest and most beautiful mammals on the land. We’re very sad, that we live in times where elephants are in danger of extinction.
  8. If you eat salad, what are your favorite things you like in your salad? And favorite dressing for your salad? We pretty much like every salad. Piotr likes fruit salad with any kind of fruit. Magda likes cherry tomatoes.
  9. What new-do-it-yourself thing/skill would you like to learn? Magda: Pattern making Pi_otr: Embroidery (5.*)
  10. If you could teach a child only one thing that would help them make their way in life, what would that one thing be? Magda: A passion for books. Reading makes people smarter. Pi_otr: Dancing.
  11. When you aren’t with the people you know and care about, or even people you have just met, what nice thing do they hopefully say about you or that you want them to say about you? We hope people think of us as good people, and also they like what we make:)

So, there you go! Thank you for reading our second Sunshine Blogger Award Nomination by

embroidery by Magda
pattern making by Pi-otr