Let’s get vintage

Vintage couldn’t get anything better from Levi Strauss, but blue jeans, an American iconic textile and great work wear at that time. Everybody wear jeans. Unless, you’re not a denim lover. Nevertheless, believe me jeans is just great! You just need find that vintage one, made of hand dipped yarn and fit your style in it!

Jeans is very utilitarian.

Jeans is very utilitarian. If it’s a really high quality jeans (let’s say Levi’s) jeans get cut, pampered and reused. And that’s exactly Levi’s does – the recycling industry. It tells a lot of sustainability of good jeans. To work on jeans is quite pleasant. We recycled Levi’s fabric into bow ties.

Some people (like us) are crazy about denim, and they (me and Magda) research for that perfect piece of jeans on flea markets.

Story of Levi’s Jeans