Fashion – art with no doubt!

People live for a cultural experience, to learn something about themselves, throughout the human journey. Fashion is indispensable in this voyage

The fashion houses want to dress certain kinds of society. If society likes it, not just human but the whole society will come back for it! Just look at the famous red carpet, which has grown into a spectacular, over the years. People choose an image they like and create their own style. Those images are inspired by fashion designers, stars, celebs, bloggers or just next door neighbour, who knows how to look good.


What we wear (consciously or unconsciously) is usually the way of expressing ourselves, from the simple human impulse to communicate and express feelings to the most extraordinary manifestations, such as events of emancipation or any rebel (as some people want to be seen as the rebels).


It just depends on the public point of view of the specific subculture group. People want to belong to specific subculture, with the same style, to feel like they’re not alone. When you see how fashion touches people and moves people, you’ll find out a lot of expressions. So, what more can you ask from art? I do reckon, that fashion should be recognised as an art. Not since the definition of art have become more elastic, and not from Coco Channel’s time, either. But, since the oldest human civilization started to exist, where the application of Chinese embroideries were an artistic expression inspired by Imperial China. Aesthetic principles, the most refined techniques, all laden with concepts, and everything else what is subjected to the criteria of art. So, when we’re talking about art, I think (with no doubt) fashion is a part of it! Fashion is a part of life.



by Pi_