Dancin’ Shoes

When it comes to female’s side of this magical activity called dancing, things are slightly different. Let’s be honest, our acceptance of invitation to the dancefloor, means that for the next three and a half minute we will be pulled, tossed and swirled numerous times. Of course there’s always that one person who knows how to boogie, who got the moves that are perfectly synchronized with ours and who leads us safely from the beginning to the end of the song. Unfortunately, this person is very popular among ladies so it’s very difficult to get hold of him.

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Don’t get me wrong, it’s always good to dance, whatever our partner’s skills are. It’s all about fun and spending time with people we like !!!!


My tips are simple:

1.Always accept the invitation. You don’t know, but maybe this person waited for half an hour, practicing in the bathroom mirror how to ask you that one question “Shall we dance?”

2. Save the dance. If your partner struggles with moves, help him, make him feel that he’s doing a great job. Don’t forget who leads.

3. Comfortable shoes! Your ability to move freely on the dancefloor depends on what you put on your feet. I personally suggest dancing shoes, especially those made for Latin dance. They are beautiful and comfortable and will let you shake your booty for hours.

I would like to finish with the fact, that when you watch people dancing, you probably focus mostly on legs. So it’s good to choose shoes, that make you worth watching:)

Now, we would like to do a small research. After hours of debating, we cannot agree on which version looks better. P prefers version with zebra, and I…well don’t:) What do you think. Should we go wild or leave it simple?

#by Magda P.